SoftFil® Masks

SoftFil® Sublim’ Mask Eye Contour Patch

Box of 50 patches


With an innovative hydrogel formula for the ideal absorption of active ingredients, SoftFil® Sublim Mask patches optimally reduce eye-contour puffiness and dark circles. Their intense 24-hour moisturization diminshes signs of fatigue and fine lines. Sublime your look instantly.

Ingredients :

>Mousterizing action : Polysaccharides, glycerin

>Astringents and tonifying actives : vitamine PP, hamamelis virginiana leaf extract

>Anti egeing actives : Panthenol

Paraben free, perfume free

Strenghten and smoothen eye contour

Reduced eye-contour puffiness and dark circles

Signs of fatigue smoothed away

Features are decongested and revitalized

Intense hydratation

Easy to apply, position the patches over dark circles and fine lines


One size
> apply the patch under the eyes, thoroughly cleansed zone > Leave on to act for 15-20 minutes > Take off the mask and massage your skin with the excess lotion
box of 50 patches

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