SoftFil® Masks

SoftFil® Sublim’ Mask

Box of 3 masks


Radiant / Anti-oxydant

The SoftFil® Sublim Mask is a skin care experience which combines innovation, comfort and performance in on single application. Thanks to its ultra-thin fiber structure of bio-cellulose, this pofessional, bio-technilogy mask offers a unique, natural and efficient treatment.

glycerin, water cress and soja extracts

> Hydrating : polysaccharides, glycerin

> Anti ageing : Delentigo ( water cress and soja extracts)

> Lemon extracts,  C vitamins and AHAs

Perfume free

Pareben free

Fight against cellular ageing

Helps to improve firmness and elasticity of the skin

Protect face cells from oxidation


> Unfold the mask and remove the white protection sheet > Delicately apply the mask to the entire thoroughly cleaned face, the blue protection film on top > Then remove this blue film and carefully adjust the mask around eyes and mouth areas > Biocellulose is like a second skin. Keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes > Take off the mask and massage your skin with lotion in excess
3 masks per box

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